The Young Learners English Tests are designed to assess the English of learners between the ages of 7 and 12. Children usually take the tests in their own school or institution but we also organise an open session during the month of June for those candidates who don't have access to the test in their own centre.

As the highest level test, Flyers is roughly equivalent in language level to the KET and it can serve as an appropriate bridge to the KET or a step leading to PET, as learners move into adolescence.

The YLE exams are available at three levels: Starters, Movers and Flyers. The tests aim to test language in situations and activities that are familiar to children throughout the world and to encourage future learning. There is no pass or fail and each child receives an award for his/her effort. Eaxch level of the test has three components:

Reading & Writing - Listening - Speaking


When can I organise a YLE session in my school?

Most children take the Young Learners English Tests in their own school or language academy. Schools can choose to organise a session at any time of year including months that are not traditionally exam months (May and June). Once you have chosen a date for the session, you must register your candidates seven weeks in advance of this date. If you are holding a session for the first time, we will arrange to visit your school to organise the exam schedule and to clear up any doubts or questions that you may have.

Please note that there must be a minimum of ten candidates.

We organise open sessions each year in our region for those students who don't have access to an exam session in their own school/language academy:

Dates of YLE Open Sessions 2013

In Barcelona...
Saturday 8th June de 2013
(final entry date19th April 2013)
Friday 28th June 2013
(final entry date 19th May 2013)
In Mataró...
Wednesday 26th June 2013
(final entry date 19th May 2013)
In Vilafranca del Penedès...
Thursday 27th June 2013
(final entry date 19th May 2013)
In Manresa...
Friday 28th June 2013
(final entry date 19th May 2013)

Registration Fees
55.50 €
57.50 €
61 €


Special arrangements for candidates

Cambridge English provides a Special Arrangements service for some candidates, for example those with learning difficulties, hearing difficulties or visual difficulties.

For further information on the services we provide, click the links on the left or below:

Learning difficulties
Hearing or speaking difficulties
Visual difficulties

We also have information on the range of modified materials that can be provided for candidates with special requirements.


In order to avoid spelling mistakes on exam certificates, please make sure that candidates' names and surnames are spelt correctly and that you have included their date of birth. The centre cannot accept responsibility for spelling mistakes or missing accents on final certificates. Schools registering groups of students should provide us with their name, address, email and telephone number so that we can issue results directly to the school.



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